Old Windmill Dairy

Nubian Kids are Here! Looking for fun on the Farm?


Spring time has come early on the farm. Old Windmill Dairy has started the new season, as they welcome 30 new kids. Yesterday was a miraculous day as twelve does gave birth to triplets.

We are now half way through kidding. This means there will be plenty of milk to make cheese with in March. We will have fresh chevre available at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and in the La Montanita Cooperative stores.

We can’t wait to start back up with our mouth watering: Holy Chipotle Chevre (a smoke flavored sundried tomatoe chipotle cheese) , Chili & Hot Chevre ( a blend of green chile, garlic and jalapenos), The Great Caper ( a culinary delight of capers, garlic and goat cheese), and Pesto N Pine Nuts( another wonder goat cheese made with fresh pesto and pine nuts.

Michael and I are both excited to start making fresh goat milk Mozarzella. We have been doing a year’s worth of research in making Cheddar.

We are looking forward to perfecting the sharpness of our cheddar. With proper aging we hope to have cheddar that has a nice bite by mid August.

We are also welcoming small groups to help feed the kids and watch the kids being born. Please call the dairy for more information at 505-384-0033.

In March we will begin our first cheese classes. Please sign up to learn how to make various cheeses. Come join us as it is a lot of fun!

Come join our CSA as we begin the new season. We will have fresh goat milk cheeses, vegetable, tomatoes, coffee and tea, past and few other New Mexico culinary treats.